Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm finally updating!... These are pics of Ev at 5 months

Here is his actual 5 month picture and a few others I had to throw in there. :) I'm going to read back through my journal I write for him and see exactly what he was doing at this age.. Sad how fast it goes and how fast you forget. Love me this boy!( I tell him that so many times a day )

Friday, June 7, 2013

Grandpa Coon :)

Before I go to bed..its 4:30 a.m. Ev was up so I figured I should be doing something
productive. ha ha I had to add these pictures of my Grandpa Coon with Ev.
We went up to help my sister back in February and saw him on our way.
These pictures are priceless and I had to share them. Love my grandpa!
Here is Grandpa Coon with my little cousin Richie and Ev. They are only a month
apart (Richie is older). Look at how different they are light and dark. So sweet!

Some more oldies...

                             Grandpa and Grandpa with Ev when we were having Sunday dinner
Looking at this picture makes me really miss this time when Ev
would fall asleep anywhere. He's now getting to a point he doesn't want
to miss out on anything. Here is my mama at my friend from high school
Aubrey's baby shower
One more picture of Bree's shower... us girls have been friends for
a long time.
Swan, Aubrey, Me, and Ev
My computer isn't letting me upload to many at once so here is another great
one out of order. This is Feb. 10th when Ev was blessed.

Back when Ev was just over a month

Grandpa Hall has always been really great to offer to watch Ev when we wanted to go to church.
So thanks Grandpa it was such a bad year for the flu and we are new overprotective parents and all
it was nice not to bring him to flu central... yet.

Another one of the kids

Here is Aunt Kami lovin her some Ev


k so this is an oldie but a goodie... Cousin Abby and Ev chillin this is back at the beginning of February, I love how they are just staring at each other Abby loves to look at him from above. So sweet!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Any where from 5 month pics to helping daddy mow the lawn

Ev's Easter present this year a bouncer! - Shell Bell's little Q holding Ev's hand- He's too big his feet are starting to dangle out- helping mom with the laundry- his 5 month quick pic- helping daddy with mowing so many fun things with this kid!
5 month recap:
You rub your eyes when you get sleepy
Still not sleeping through the night
All this month you've been sucking in your bottom lip and humming like you have duct tape on your mouth ha ha
Rolls from belly to back
Is teething... And got his first tooth may 22nd is the first day I noticed it
Has started swim lessons with mom this last week and loves the water goes under and everything

Ev's blessing

So I am nerd and can't figure out how to rotate these pictures ha ha
But this is back from when Ev was blessed on February 10, 2013
His daddy gave him the sweetest blessing.

Everett was a complete angel during the blessing didn't make a peep... love this lil guy!

Our wonderful Aunt Catherine.... more pics to come